For us it is important that every occasion and moment is special, unforgettable, enjoy what you do and of course you look spectacular, so this time we have decided to give you some tips that you should take into account when you travel, as with emotion to enjoy an excellent vacation, relax, forget about stress or simply meet unnoticed or not taken into account and are a fundamental part of living your trip to the fullest.

The first point is that you always decide with which airline you intend to travel or in which land line, remember that it is a fundamental part to have a safe, comfortable and fast route.

The second point is the hotel, your stay is the most important, the time we spend in the hotel is sometimes minimal but it is certainly the place that after a long journey awaits you to rest and recover your strength to continue your trip .

The third and very important is all the clothes you wear, remember that for every place and occasion there is something that should not be missed, for example: if you go to the beach do not forget the sandals, sandals, shirts, hats, lenses and bags to store all your accessories and always keep everything safe. If you go out to dinner or a dive, do not forget to wear more formal shoes, for women open slippers either heel or platform and with some warm print are the most ideal, for men a moccasin in light colors is the perfect model . If your trip is purely adventure, always wear an all-terrain boot that covers your foot perfectly and gives you a perfect fit, as well as being light. But if your trip is only one day and you will enjoy a great tour of a city or an emblematic town, do not forget to wear pants, a good pair of tennis with anti-slip sole, a flat or some comfort shoe. Remember that it is also ideal that you only have a pair of jeans of different shades, as well as four shirts since there will be up to eight combinations, with this you will save space in the suitcase for something else.

The fourth point is to always have a travel itinerary, remember that when you know the points you want to know it is easier to move around the city to fulfill your travel expectations.

And five know the culture of the place where you travel, because if you make your trip abroad, even in some states of our country, remember that greetings, customs, religion or ideology are different in each city.

Do not forget that with these tips you can enjoy an unforgettable trip and stop worrying about those small but great details.

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