To know what to do in Palenque, you can search and search, but in the Blog we give you the best suggestions of the most representative attractions of this city. Find a selection of things to do in Palenque with routes for all tastes. It’s simple, we want to make your trip easier and that you really enjoy it if you approach this destination. Keep in mind that these recommendations are adapted to the number of days you have to visit Palenque. To organize well and take advantage of every second of your time, read carefully and choose your itinerary.

You have arrived in Palenque to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. You pass by the hotel to leave your things and you prepare to travel this beautiful city. To begin, we invite you to visit the center of Palenque. There is a small and pleasant Central Plaza where the locals usually meet. Nearby is the Handicraft Market, which offers a wide variety of textile products, silver jewelry and ceramic items. In the same square, some afternoons there are craft stalls. Another option for shopping is Avenida Juarez, where you’ll find everything from shoes and clothes to food and other items. Do not miss visiting La Cañada, a neighborhood famous for its hotels, restaurants, cafes and one of the most emblematic monuments of Palenque: the Mayan Head, a huge lime-colored sculpture. Do not miss the Lak Puj Kul Textile Museum (the name means “our clothes”), where you will find more colorful samples of the production of the Chiapas artisans.

In Palenque you can enjoy some of the typical dishes of Chiapas, such as the traditional tamales de elote or chipilín wrapped in banana leaf or the shote with momo, a delicious stew of prehispanic origin prepared with river snails, holy grass and dough of nixtamal. You can accompany them with a coffee pot, a sparkling chocolate grinder or a cup of tascalate, typical drink prepared with water, corn dough, chocolate and achiote. The Café de Yara is a good place in the center of Palenque to drink organic coffee of excellent quality. Most restaurants offer typical Mexican food, it will not be difficult to find it.

It’s your third day in Palenque. Although it is a quiet city, it attracts visitors in all seasons, so we suggest you enjoy the nightlife a bit. Visit the Karaoke Bar at the Maya Tulipanes hotel. El Tapanco, a classic rock bar located on the second floor of Avenida Juarez, is also very lively.
If you are lucky or plan your trip for that date, do not miss the Fiesta de Santo Domingo, which takes place every year during the first half of August. It is a religious festival dedicated to Santo Domingo de Guzmán and the most important in Palenque. The celebration includes traditional regional dances, marimberos and fireworks.

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