Part of a tropical paradise and with an unparalleled historical richness, this Magical Town of Chiapas has its origins hundreds of years ago. The ancient locals of the place called Palenque, Otulún, a Chol word meaning “place created” or “fortified”

Palenque was the most significant center of the Mayan culture. Within the most significant structures of the archaeological site of Palenque, is the Temple of the Inscriptions and The Palace.

If you venture another 6 kilometers, you can reach the tomb of King Pakal. Spring is about to begin and all the conjugation of the elements of nature have so much energy to give and give, take advantage! Fill yourself with all that energy in the pyramids

Have you seen the colorful costumes typical of all the states of our country? Undoubtedly, you have to visit the Textile Museum Lak Puj Kul; In it you will see a large sample of Chiapas clothing and the evolution of this craft practice

But also this Magical Town, not only for the lovers of the culture, but for the adventurers. For them are the tours of the Lacandon Jungle and admire you with the nature of this tropical paradise

And yes, we also know that you are already tired of the heat, that’s why we also recommend you to cool off a bit in the Lagunas de Catazajá, the Cascada de Misol Há or the Agua Azul

Although the photos are used to record your trip either in your blog or on your Facebook, you can not miss the memories; Visit the Craftsman’s Square where you will find carved stones, wood, ceramics and jewelry

There are a lot of things you can do in this paradise, from a rest to an adventure in the Lacandon Jungle. What are you waiting for! Grab the most essential and go to Palenque

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