We are Mayatur

We are a 100% Mexican business, located in the city of Palenque, in operation since 2003, providing tourist transportations services, specialized tours, and packages to fit our clients, all with a first-class level of service.

We offer integrated services so that our clients may know Chiapas to the maximum, as well as other tourist regions in southeastern Mexico.

We have personnel trained to organize and manage events and conventions.

Our commercial alliances with other transportation companies, hotels, restaurants, and tour guides allow us to expand our potential to satisfy the expectations of those who select us.

We would like to be part of your travel experience.

Meet Palenque


Palenque Archaeological Zone

Cost per person:
$ 340 (19 usd)

Palenque Archaeological Zone + Eco Mundo

(tour with activities)

Cost per person:
$ 870 (48 usd)

Misol-Há Waterfalls + Agua Azul Waterfalls

Cost per person:
$ 425 (23 usd)

Palenque Archaeological Zone + Roberto Barrios Waterfalls (El Bazcan)

Cost per person:
$ 450 (25 usd)

Palenque Archaeological Zone + Eco Park Aluxes

Cost per person:
$ 550 (30 usd)

Yaxchilan + Bonampak (Archaeological Zone)

Cost per person:
$ 1,050 (58 usd)


We offer private services of land transportation to any of the offered destinations

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Their service was perfect, they helped us a lot from the moment we asked for information by phone until we had to say goodbye to Chiapas. The tours are incredible, the places that are visited and the times that are dedicated to me I loved. I highly recommend them, I would go back with them.

Dante Alejandro

I loved your service. Very punctual, with super comfortable vehicles and the tours are designed so that we can make the most of the day, it was a great experience.

Alma Salinas

Excellent service, not only took care of transportation and tickets to different destinations but they took the time to explain the different destinations and put together the perfect plan in Chiapas.

Eduardo Arredondo