Palenque Full Day

It is a guided experience that has an archaeological recognition stage, where the group explores and learns about the civilization that once took place in Palenque. And, in a second stage, the hidden paths are crossed in the jungle that lead to little-traveled places where we find abandoned ruins, aqueducts and springs, surrounded by dense vegetation; always learning from the explanations that our guide gives throughout the tour.

Everything is designed so that your only concern is to enjoy your visit and learn. Take all the photos you want in the most special corners of Palenque and make your visit to Palenque fun.

What includes?

1. On this tour, the water runs on our own. You are guaranteed a bottle of water that you can refill halfway (or in any of the springs you will find). Also, if you prefer to bring your own bottle, you can fill it at the beginning of the tour, at the break in the middle of the tour and at the end to finish cooling off.

2. We want them to go around every corner and we know that for that they will require energy, so before noon, we will have them prepared a jungle lunch to recharge batteries.

3. All tickets and transportation are included, we take care of them, bring them and be available always in case of any contingency. The unit waits in the archeological zone, so it will always be on time to assist them.

4. We have several contingency amenities for your convenience. We will have at your disposal towels and refreshing wipes in certain parts of the tour. Likewise, we have first aid equipment and personal hygiene products if required.

5. On this tour you are not alone, an experienced guide will be your host throughout the tour. He is trained to answer any questions about the Mayan civilization, about Palenque and its surroundings and also about the flora and fauna of the region. He will show you the different facets of Palenque.

6. After a great walk it will be time to recover all the energy, so at the end of the tour, while cooling off a fridge full of drinks for the heat, we will go to a meal prepared especially for you; a three-course menu with refill drink included

What do I bring?

1. As a good adventurer it is necessary to wear comfortable shoes, but at the same time protected. We recommend a closed, sporty and lightweight shoe. From If possible, a trekking shoe would work perfectly.

2. Despite not being essential, a repellent and a good sunscreen can make your journey more enjoyable.

3. Do not worry about the cap because we give you a commemorative. However, it is not enough to prevent yourself with a long sleeve shirt, glasses and your favorite hat.

4. If you like to get wet and live nature to the fullest, we recommend that you go with your swimsuit under your clothes, there will be the option to cool off in the purest waters of the streams and pools of the jungle.

5. A small backpack will allow you to store your personal things with greater comfort and you will be able to prevent your adventure kit (although it is not necessary). We recommend to take it in case of taking a change of clothes, cameras or some other personal requirement.

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* Prices subject to change without notice.